Welcome to Vantage

It’s all about people. People just like you. People that need to achieve. People that need to deliver. People that are looking to grow and provide financial security, fun, entertainment, mitigate risk, educate, learn, deliver goods, cure illness, share information, make connections, provide energy, communicate, excite, change… and so it goes on.

Vantage has been facilitating this change for over ten years. We make it happen by getting people like you… together with people like you! We focus where we have the expertise to make this change happen and create value for you.

Some things remain the same and some things change.

If you’re an old time Vantage friend and collaborator – great to see you back. Hope you love the new logo, web site, blog and all round everything else. If you’re unsure that we are the Vantage you’re looking for…the old one looked like this…

Vantage Old Website

I also hope you’re like me and love the fact that we’ve removed all the stock library pictures of latte drinking wankers ! (what were we thinking??)

Today Vantage is a recruitment company that is focused on connecting great talent with the abilities to deliver exceptional outcomes through the application of information, communication and technology (ICT). This has always been at our heart and soul.

ICT today is a function that does not just reside within a CIO group either. Today the application of technology in the Internet, social media and big data spheres sees technology solutions driving all corporate and organisational functions. From finance and accounting, to HR and Payroll, to marketing and sales, technology now prevails throughout an entire organisations’ activities. Not only does it facilitate these outcomes in a reactionary sense, today more and more it anticipates and responds automatically in a predictive sense to drive customer behavior, anticipate risks and provide information relevant to you when you need it.

To make all this happen and remain relevant and successful you need to be working with great people. This is what Vantage does.

Once again, welcome. Thanks for visiting our site and please feel free to browse around and give us a call if you can’t find what you’re after… but think you’re in the right place.


Yours Sincerely

Phil Jostsons

Managing Director