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Interviews: Tips & Techniques

Interviews are generally regarded as the primary decision making event in the recruitment process. Regardless of your credentials or career to date, it is important that you perform well throughout the interview process. Whilst not an exhaustive guide, these interview pointers should help you prepare and perform at your best at an interview…

Interview Tips & Techniques (eBook)Interview Tips & Techniques (Website)

Questions To Ask In An Interview

Your questions form an important part of the interview process, they help you to understand more about the organisation, their goals and the overall objectives of the role. Preparing questions will help you ascertain whether an opportunity is right for you and demonstrates a proactive, keen interest in the role…

Questions To Ask In An Interview (eBook) Questions To Ask In An Interview (Website)

How To Deal With Counter Offers

Counter offers are common in today’s market where talented applicants are becoming scarce. In many cases, companies suffer a ‘knowledge drain’ when people leave and it is costly for them to hire and train new employees…

 How To Deal With Counter Offers (eBook)  How To Deal With Counter Offers (Website)